A new word for the year

Every year around mid-December, I begin praying over what God wants me to focus on as a spiritual goal for the new year. This year, more than ever before, I was aware that the word cloud of “words of the year” from the last several years all point in a single direction; they are different facets of a single reality I continue to struggle with.

Discovering enneagrams last year shed a lot of light on myself. To be a #1—a crusader—is by definition to be dissatisfied, to be always striving, and always focused on what stands in need of betterment.

I thought, first, “Maybe it’s time to cycle back through the last several years’ words.”

Then I thought, “Maybe it’s time to turn my attention elsewhere. Maybe ‘love’ would be an appropriate new focus.

But then my husband took my hand when we got in bed the other night and said, “Are you happy with your life?”

And as I looked inward I saw the restless discontent inside, and I knew my first instinct had been the right one.

Only it turns out there’s another facet to explore, another way to approach this long-standing spiritual goal of mine, and so that’s where I will focus this year: #contentment.

Do you set yourself a focus for each year? If so, share here so we can pray for each other!

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