Worth Listening To

I have been listening to a couple of podcasts lately– Truth Over Tribe and The Bulletin— and thought that the things I’ve been hearing there are more worth sharing than any of my own thoughts at present. (In case you’re wondering: I listen while I’m getting dressed, cooking, and driving. Because I always wondered when people have time for things like podcasts.)

Truth Over Tribe aims to challenge both the political left and the right on topics surrounding Christianity, and they really do. This one on Christian nationalism was particularly good because it was a sober and balanced, Christ-first take. The same for the episode on “should Christians be culture warriors?” Balanced, Christ-first; rather than advocating one or the other, on this issue they land in the ambiguity of “yes.” And the one on transgender issues was interesting and challenging.

The Bulletin comes from Christianity Today and is more a commentary on current events. I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to stick with that one long term, because I’m not yet sure how useful it is to my spiritual journey. But they ran an interview with Bono, of U2, which I am finding really beautiful and want to share.

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