Liturgy Wars

Image by scott payne from Pixabay

I want to spend a few days pondering liturgy. The Eucharistic celebration is the “source and summit” of our faith, which to me means it is the spiritual food that strengthens us for discipleship in the real world, and it’s also the purest expression of our faith, uncomplicated by the messiness we experience outside the walls.

In theory.

Because we waste a lot of energy fighting about liturgy. My higher ed degrees are both in music performance, so I’m well steeped in classical music. But it’s contemporary music that lit me on fire and has shaped my Catholic identity as an adult.

So I react pretty strongly when people try to dismiss entire styles or instruments as “less worthy” or even “unworthy.” We all have things that speak to us more authentically and deeply than others. They’re not the same from person to person, because we are fearfully and wonderfully made, in diversity as wide as the creativity of God. We have no business trying to box in the Holy Spirit, Who inSpires across all eras, all cultures, and all artistic styles.

(This topic continues with “Unity vs. Uniformity” and “The Holy Spirit“)

Happy Holy Thursday!

EG-Eucharist medicine

The Eucharist is a medicine we all desperately need–ourselves every bit as much as the people our minds leap to when we start trying to identify “the sinners” of the world.

I share this thought on Holy Thursday, as we gather to remember the institution of the Eucharist. I’ll be leading the choir and praying for the Church tonight.

#intentionalcatholic #eucharist #evangeliigaudium #realfaithrealworldHave a blessed Triduum.