It might seem strange for an introvert to say this, but here goes:

I love speaking to crowds.

Some people are called to witness to non-believers, others to Christians who are vehemently anti-Catholic. I’ve come to realize that my ministry is to my fellow Catholics–people struggling to balance their faith with the busyness and complexity of living the faith in a tumultuous and complex world.

I’d love to come speak to your parish or faith group. I have given presentations from twenty minutes to two hours, and I will happily expand to a full mission if desired. The message of living the faith intentionally can be tailored to virtually any length, need, or audience. As a liturgical musician and published composer of music for Catholic worship, I can also weave musical worship into events. Here’s a sample of talks I can give:

  • Intentional Catholic: an evening of spiritual reflection (can be tailored for general audiences or specifically for music ministers)
  • Who is my neighbor? (see videos below)
  • Mercy: Stories of our Faith
  • Living Lent (or Advent) Intentionally (aimed at parents with children at home)
  • Real Faith, Real Kids, Real Life
  • Ordo & Missal & Lectionary: Oh My! Planning School Liturgies
  • Celebrating the Liturgical Year in the Classroom

A few sample videos follow. For rates and availability, please reach out to me through the Contact page. I look forward to working with you!

Kate was the speaker for our ” Evening of Spiritual Reflection for Music Ministers.” Her presentation was not only inspirational, but a good mix of personal experience, music, and insightful suggestions for spiritual growth.

Laura F.  St.Clair
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