Twisted Faith

It’s been coming to me more and more often, how much easier it is to see our faith in worldly terms than it is to see the needs of the world in terms of the faith. How easy it is to put worldly values first, and then twist our faith around to try to make our worldly preferences fit.

So this quote, from yesterday’s second reading (second Sunday of Lent, year C) really struck me. Most of the time, I think of “earthly things” in terms of a chase after wealth or power or money–and who thinks they’re doing that? No one I’ve ever met.

NAB-Philippians 3

But if I’m so protective of what is “rightfully mine” that I put my rights, my choices, my property, my privacy, and above all, my security, above Godly living and the social responsibility to care for the needs of the poor and victims of violence or discrimination or any other suffering…well, that’s putting the world first instead of God.

When conservatives talk guns and immigration; when progressives talk contraception, when dioceses use legal forms disavowing responsibility, even in cases of negligence–in all these circumstances, worldly concerns take precedence over Godly ones.

Yes, the intersection of the real world and the kingdom of God is messy. But that doesn’t mean we get to set the kingdom aside whenever it inconveniences us.

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