Happiness is…

Doesn’t this resonate? Aren’t we all constantly hand-wringing about how busy we are? We feel victimized by the pace of modern life, as if it’s beyond our control. I remember when I was a kid, my parents were very busy running a farm, and we were all limited to one activity. Not one club and one sport, not one sport per season–one activity. Some of us really chafed at this limitation, but as an adult I see such grace and wisdom in this. We had time just to be. How many kids get that chance now?

For that matter, how many adults get that chance? How hard is it to find time to spend with friends?

We do it to ourselves. Maybe it’s that whole “restless until we rest in you” thing. I know my life is way more scheduled up than is good for me. Every single thing I do is a good thing, but there’s just so much of it. We as human beings don’t seem to be capable of moderation, do we?

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