#seethegood: Generosity of spirit

It is Monday, and I write today to #seethegood.

COVID has caused a lot of angst and anxiety for all of us. In my household, I have said again and again that this has been the most intense parenting I’ve ever done. The shutdown was brutal emotionally, but it was at least straightforward. Post-shutdown, the discernments of what is and is not acceptable risk are far more difficult to navigate.

Today, I #seethegood in my family and friends, who continue to have the conversations we’re all sick to death of having. Who react with grace and kindness as we reschedule and re-plan, as we hash and rehash the same ground, because it’s always shifting beneath us. Who do not get resentful at being asked to accommodate anxieties they don’t share.

We’re all being stretched, and nobody likes it. The events of this year have frequently brought out the worst in us, both individually and collectively. But to #seethegood is to recognize that it’s also brought out the best. That we will come out of this different, and we have the choice as to whether that “different” is better or worse.

To #seethegood is to recognize that this is not a persecution, but an opportunity to burn away some of our self-centeredness and ego. To become more Christlike.

Today’s reflections, by the way, center around this: discerning how to safely (and without being unhospitable) gather with family to celebrate my family’s last First Communion.

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